Figure-7.7: Annual mean temperatures in the Newfoundland Shelf and Labrador Sea

Ocean temperature time series in the Newfoundland Shelf and Labrador Sea collected by DFO monitoring programs. Sea surface temperature (0 m) on the Newfoundland Shelf at AZMP Station 27 near St. John’s (1950–2016, positive trend of 0.13°C per decade, significant at 1% level [there is only a 1% possibility that the trend is due to chance]) and depth-averaged ocean temperature (0–175 m) from that site (1950–2016, non-significant positive trend of 0.02°C per decade). Upper-ocean temperature (20–150 m) of the central Labrador Sea basin (OWS Bravo) does not demonstrate long-term warming (1948–2016, non-significant positive trend of 0.03°C per decade).


Data from DFO monitoring programs (Colbourne et al., 2017; Yashayaev and Loder, 2017). Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program <>. Atlantic Zone Off-shelf Monitoring Program <>.