Figure-7.3: Annual mean temperatures in the Northeast Pacific Ocean off British Columbia

Coastal temperature time series collected at DFO monitoring sites on the east (Entrance Island, positive trend 0.15°C per decade, significant at 1% level [there is only a 1% possibility that such changes are due to chance]) and west (Amphitrite Point and Kains Island, positive trend 0.08°C per decade, significant at 1% level) coasts of Vancouver Island. Offshore ocean temperature at Station P is presented for the upper ocean (10–50 m, positive trend 0.14°C per decade, significant at 1% level) and the depth range of the permanent thermocline (layer in which temperature decreases strongly with depth; 100–150 m, positive trend 0.07°C per decade, significant at 5% level).


Data from DFO monitoring programs. British Columbia Shore Station Oceanographic Program <>. Line P monitoring program <>.