Health care facility resilience to climate change: Nanaimo Regional General Hospital in British Columbia The Town of Mahone Bay Living Shoreline Xwu’nekw Park Sea Dike We All Take Care of the Harvest (WATCH): Safe and Secure Harvesting of Marine Foods in the Context of Climate Change Adapting to Climate Change in New Brunswick: Health Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessments with an Urban and Rural Perspective Climate Change and Health Adaptation in the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health Authority Health Regions Regional Assessments: Assessing Regional Vulnerability to Climate Change and Designing Regional Public Health Climate Adaptation Plans (VRAC-PARC) Promoting Green Roofs in the Tantramar Region to Improve Freshwater Management and Increase Climate Resilience Courtenay River Municipal Natural Assets Initiative Assessing the Climate Resilience of the City of Summerside’s Solar and Storage Integration Project