The surveillance and prevention of the impacts of extreme meteorological events on the public health system, Quebec

Surveillance and Prevention of the Impacts of Extreme Meteorological Events on the Public Health System (SUPREME) programme is an integrated surveillance and mapping system that enables public health officials and emergency responders to make well-informed decisions about the triggering of preventative measures and response plans in the event of extreme weather events threatening the health of populations. The SUPREME system has three main components: (1) a warning system, sent via email to alert health authorities in real time of a forecasted extreme weather event; (2) online surveillance and monitoring of weather hazards as well as estimations of human health impacts (e.g., daily deaths, hospitalizations, etc.); and (3) a geographic information system that displays health risks, protection factors, and location of vulnerable regions. Evaluations of the system indicate high user satisfaction and public health officials deem the system useful.

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