Saint-Maurice Street Project

A section of Saint-Maurice Street in Trois-Rivières was redeveloped to combat heat islands and reduce stormwater runoff. Curbside parking spaces were replaced with planting beds that capture and filter rainwater, and over 135 trees, 1,000 shrubs, and 18,000 plants were planted. These measures are also intended to help recharge the water table, which is the main source of drinking water for a sector of the city. In recognition of the exemplary nature of this municipal achievement, the Association des ingénieurs municipaux du Québec awarded Trois-Rivières the 2018 Génie-Méritas prize. A follow-up to this project, which was carried out between 2017 and 2018, measures the performance of green infrastructure amid climate change in terms of the quality and quantity of water leaving the infrastructure.

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