Project for the Protection and Rehabilitation of the Anse du Sud Shoreline in Percé, QC

In Percé, Gaspésie, the storms of December 30, 2016, and January 11, 2017, completely destroyed more than 200 metres of the Anse du Sud boardwalk. The extent of the damage prompted the Town of Percé to provide lasting protection for tourist infrastructure along the coast. Percé initiated a process to protect and rehabilitate the coastline to make it more resilient to climate change. A cost-benefit analysis (CBA) evaluated the cost effectiveness of possible development measures compared to a no-action scenario. The CBA shows that if no action is taken, major damage or destruction of coastal infrastructure could lead to losses of more than $700 million over 50 years, most of which would be attributable to a decrease in tourist traffic. Beach replenishment with pebbles was found to be the option with the most benefits amounting to approximately $770M over 50 years compared to no action. During the summer of 2017, more than a mile of beach was developed. A new boardwalk and recreational and tourist facilities were also built to modernize the image of the downtown area and to preserve and improve its tourist appeal.

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