Flood adaptation governance experiment in the Municipality of Saint-Raymond, Quebec

A collaborative river management committee (Comité Rivière) was established with the purpose of reducing the risk of flooding from the St. Anne River within Saint-Raymond, Quebec. The committee’s goal is to reduce the risk of flooding through the implementation of a water management master plan and coordinates with experts to assess the municipality’s vulnerability. The river committee has accelerated the implementation of new measures such as installing a floating boom upstream of the downtown area to prevent the excessive accumulation of ice crystals, which could lead to the formation of ice jams. This measure has been coupled with the injection of warm water and the use of machinery to weaken the ice cover. The municipality of Saint-Raymond now offers real-time information on the state of the river as well as a public warning system in case of flooding. A committee of volunteers is also available to support and guide disaster victims during a flood. The entire process has allowed for the development of a risk culture and the community spirit necessary for resilience.

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