Adaptation measures and co-benefits through the upgrading of Rue Saint-Maurice in Trois-Rivières, QC

The City of Trois-Rivières has had a climate change adaptation plan since 2013 and has participated in two Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee assessments. A significant adaptation intervention that resulted from the plan is “Le Grand Projet de la Rue Saint-Maurice,” which involved significant upgrades to a 1.3-km stretch of residential road. The project used a combination of built and natural infrastructure, and aimed to reduce the urban heat island effect, increase the presence of plants, beautify the landscape, improve neighbourhood safety for pedestrians and motorists, and to help replenish the water table with drinking water through sound stormwater management. Parking spaces along the street have been replaced by more than 135 trees, 1,000 shrubs and 18,000 plants. The project also had a significant built infrastructure component, including the installation of 5.05 km of pipes and 103 sumps to manage the stormwater not absorbed by the green infrastructure.

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